Best YouTube Channel Tools

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There are many aspects to running a successful YouTube channel. Not only does it come with a specialist to create a video.

Due to the fierce competition on the platform, you need to invest a lot of time and effort in managing and marketing your channel to attract new followers. Also, you should make sure that your followers always have a great experience.

This is essential to the success of your YouTube channel. Also, it separates channels that are popular and gets more followers every day and channels that are not popular.

However, most YouTube creators don’t take the time to do that, so only a few YouTube stars appear at a time.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best YouTube marketing and channel management tools to help your YouTube channel grow.


TubeBuddy is Firefox’s, Chrome’s, and Opera’s best browser extension with over 60 features to help you manage your YouTube channel better.

This extension includes specific features such as keyword research, productivity, tagging, analytics, video SEO, batch processing, and more. Its comprehensive A/B testing, keyword research, and scheduling capabilities are all excellent.

Therefore, it can be said that TubeBuddy is an excellent tool to efficiently perform repetitive tasks that come with creating videos.

You’ll find two great channel and video analytics tools on TubeBuddy: Channelytics and Videolytics.

Video lyrics display channel and video data like ratings, comments, views, social media engagement, and SEO insights and best practice recommendations to help you optimize your videos.

Channelytics, on the other hand, gives you 30 days of subscriber and channel video data and video insights, especially through retention analysts, health reports, and usage statistics. You can try this extension for free or purchase the premium version.

Most beauty and personal care suppliers use this tool to create the best content for the audience. 


VidIQ comes with a basic free plan, but you can also try this free version.

It’s an easy-to-use YouTube analytics tool that can help you increase hashtags, views, and social media volume.

It includes keyword research, competitor analysis tools, a YouTube thumbnail generator, trending rankings, video stats comparison, and real-time monitoring of channel stats.

YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is a great resource provided by YouTube for free. You can upload videos, get snapshots, get performance insights, drill holes, and more.

Also, you can manage your YouTube channel from anywhere with the YouTube Studio mobile app for Android and iOS.

You will be able to check the performance of your channel and videos, moderate and respond to feedback, update video details (such as description, and title, and even add custom thumbnails), and change your revenue settings.

If you are one of the textile and leather products manufacturers, then you must opt for this tool. 

YouTube Audio Library

YouTube has a free audio library dedicated to YouTube Studio. It’s full of sounds and music that you can use to create the perfect atmosphere for your YouTube videos.

You don’t have to worry about violating anyone’s copyright because these sounds and songs are free.

Social Blade

Social Blade also offers free and premium versions. You should focus on choosing a product that suits your needs.

It is one of the most popular YouTube channel management tools. This unique tool can help you better understand the user’s growth and situation.

It includes YouTube platform insights, social media analysis, and statistics, as well as comments on Dailymotion, Twitter, Facebook, DLive, and YouTube engagement.

You may want to consider using Social Blade to conduct a competitive analysis of your YouTube channel. It can help you gain insights that will help grow your channel. The tool can also help you understand how much YouTube users earn on this platform.

LiveCaster 3

LiveCaster 3 is not free to use. If you’ve ever wanted to stream on YouTube but weren’t confident enough, it can help. You may choose to use this marketing tool and channel manager to stream pre-recorded content.

This is a game changer for those who are camera shy or have a small tongue attached to the camera. For some additional traffic, you can share pre-recorded videos on Facebook.

YouTube Autosuggest

The best part about this tool is that it is completely free to use.

YouTube Auto Suggest is a great way to generate new keyword ideas, discover new keywords, and measure interest in your topic.

Just type your keyword or phrase into the YouTube search field and YouTube will automatically suggest it for you.