How To Build A Sustainable Closet On A Budget

a sustainable closet

In the world of fashion, the main concern is sustainability. We are witnessing the rise of sustainable fashion. It lets industry leaders embrace change. The fact is clothing and apparel contribute a lot to damaging the environment. The industry is a threat. Thus, there is a need to put an end to the utilization of resources, which are critical for our environment. 

According to the study, nearly 21 billion tons of textiles are transported to landfills every year. Also, the textile industry contributes to 10% of global carbon emissions. Due to the immense damage and concerns, the industry is always required to change the way it is handling the processes. 

Hence, having a sustainable closet is fundamental in fashion too. Just like we boycott animal products, it is important for us to only choose fashion items that cater to sustainability. 

If you want to change the outlook of your wardrobe and turn it into a sustainable one, then this is the post for you. It is time to have all the clothes and accessories that are eco-friendly. 

So, let’s get started with it. 

Tips For Building A Sustainable Closet

1. Reuse the clothes and accessories

One of the studies indicates that the percentage of reusing clothes has declined by 36% in 15 years. 

The first step in turning your wardrobe into a sustainable closet is reusing the clothes. Of course, fashion is not a disposable asset. It demands more clothes whenever there is a new trend. This means that the process may cause more pollution, water consumption, and immense waste of resources.

Hence, it is really okay to repeat clothes. You can also style them in thousands of new ways. 

2. Fix your closet

There is a trick to make your clothes last for long. It is the most affordable way of having the right yet sustainable wardrobe. 

Our fashion industry promotes throwing away clothes if they break or damage. In this way, you can buy new clothes and have a huge variety in your closet. 

Do you think this is the right way? The new mindset is letting people spend more and more on fashion and kicking out the damaged stuff from their wardrobes. Well, this shouldn’t be the case for you. 

When your clothes break or lose a button, you can fix them. Always have stitching material with you so that you can fix your clothes and avoid throwing them away. 

3. Buy from thrift stores 

Well, there is nothing like having no money to buy new dresses. You can also check out more options in your circle like the ones you find at the thrift stores. 

These stores are specially designed for people who can afford second-hand clothes. These are in good condition and you can wear them anywhere you want. Also, you can find tons of treasures in thrift stores because, with a disposable mindset, people tend to give away their clothes in perfect condition. 

You can simply save big and enjoy new styles on a budget. Remember, thrift stores are just near you. Just look around and find it yourself. 

4. Believe in lending and borrowing 

It is always great to have people on your list with whom you can share your clothes. 

Often, mothers and sisters are the ones who would share clothes. But you can also check out people around you that have the same size as yours. Not only do you give them, but you can take from them too. 

The practice is quite convenient and worth trying out. You don’t have to spend bucks buying fashionable clothes from a brand. All you need to do is check whether your sister or friend has something that can fit you best. 

5. Rent out 

Finally, there is one more option, which can help you save big. 

There are companies or agencies which rent out the clothes. Just search for them and you will get your hands on several designer clothes per month. Yes, they offer membership to help you achieve the best fashion styles that need to be added to your wardrobe. 

The Bottom Line 

One can only think of having a sustainable closet because they think it is pretty difficult to achieve. But it is not. This post is curated to help you turn your wardrobe into a sustainable one. All you need is to practice the best tricks and you will not only save the environment but bucks too. You can also tell your friends and family so that they can also contribute to saving the environment. Just a little bit of effort and you are good to go.