How To Find Cheap Hotels In The UK?

cheap hotels in UK

Traveling to the UK is one of the amazing plans everyone should make. It is the most fun and amazing country, which brings unlimited options for you to enjoy. Perhaps, budget can be an issue but you can obviously deal with it. 

From accommodation to activities, you can manage everything in that one place. The only thing that will keep bothering you is finding cheap hotels in the UK. This will definitely keep barging you until the finest place is found. 

There are tons of budget hotels in the UK. It is all up to you how you narrow down your search and get the best accommodation that your pocket allows. According to IBIS World, the budget hotel in the UK market size is expected to reach $9.6 billion in 2023. It will go up according to the trends we can see from 2018. 

Do you know how to make your search for such hotels effective? Let me tell you in this blog. Read along so that you can uncover the secret tips for finding budget hotels in the UK. 

Tips For Finding Cheap Hotels In The UK

1. Land on the comparison sites 

There are several authentic websites on the internet, which can help you compare the prices and other features of hotels in the UK. From luxury five-star hotels to motels, you can get a whole list of accommodations that will lie in your range. 

Some of the great comparison sites are and Trivago and Kayak. It gives you a complete insight about the hotel industry and can narrow down the search for you according to the requirements. 

It is definitely a good idea to search on the internet first rather than digging in all by yourself. Also, these sites offer amazing deals on special occasions. Make your eyes wide open to see if any offer or deal can help you in some way. 

2. Cancel and rebook to see any changes in the prices 

This is one of the secrets of enjoying your stay in the UK. Not all hotels may offer you this service because of their terms and conditions. Still, you can search for cheap hotels in the UK, which can let you switch the options at any time. 

On some sites, you will notice an option of “free cancellation”. This allows you to cancel your booking with no addition or hidden charges. It is actually cheap and can help you in making a wiser decision. Also, do check if there are more rooms empty. If that is so, you can easily cancel and rebook to check the difference in price. 

Make sure you can cancel your booking in the desired time limit. If you delay the process, you will end up staying in the same hotel till the last day of your booking. 

3. Connect to the hotel directly 

Sometimes, satisfaction comes with connecting to the concerned party. 

Before making any final transaction, you should contact the hotel directly. It allows you to clear out any doubts regarding the accommodation and hotel services. Also, it will help you in getting more information that you didn’t find on the internet. 

Keep in mind that booking sites mainly take around 15% commission. So, you can save up to some amount by reserving a hotel for yourself. This is a life-saving tip that hardly someone can tell you. 

4. Consider rule of opposites 

Try not to step in the shoes of everyone. Sometimes, you have to make some intelligent moves to avail the biggest opportunities. 

Try the opposite of bargaining. Consider days in which the hotels demand less. Make sure you are choosing the appropriate days so that you can spend less from the budget and enjoy the most. Also, keep in mind that business days can always cost you a kidney. Book a hotel that you think can let you save some more bucks. 

5. Check out new hotels 

The big names mainly ask for much. Their offers are also entertaining for people who have high budgets. You don’t have to get into this trap at all. 

If you are low on budget but want to enjoy your stay in the most happening country, you better find a place which is new, accommodating, and cheap. 

Every hotel with strong roots in the country will have higher prices than usual. Better look for new hotels which can offer you great deals and even cashback. It will save you from falling in a trap. 

Final Thoughts 

Living a memorable time in your life comes with a lot of thoughts and concerns about the budget. The UK isn’t a cheap place to live or vacation but if you can control your spending by finding smarter ways to live and have fun, then you can do anything. Finding budget hotels in the UK should not haunt you but it is a good idea to research and then make a decision. Follow the points listed above and see how you can easily land to the best hotel in your budget.