14 clever home decor ideas that designers swear by

14 clever home decor ideas that designers swear by

There is nothing most exciting than designing your own home. Striking the right balance between how it looks and how well it work can be challenging. Maybe you live in a small house with limited room for grand gestures or living in a house that has unusual design challenges and you have no idea where to start. Whatever the work is or whatever to fix we are here to help you with it. Explore a wealth of practical home decor ideas from the great Elle Decor collection. Whether you’re looking to refresh your style or add chic little touches or simply find an attractive paint color, our designers have 10 inspiring ideas to help you create the dream house you want. So let’s get started!

Top 14 home decor ideas:

1) Create A Gallery Wall To Blend The TV:

You wanna hide your screen but don’t have a suitable cabinet, so as an alternative, you can try an artful gallery wall. Joe Lucas a famous designer showcases this idea in his Sunny Los Angeles home. Around a tv, you can create a visually appealing gallery. You can add photographs, decorative items, framed artwork, and prints. This will add a touch of personal style to the space.

First, choose the wall and collect some decorative pieces and artwork. Mix and match different sizes, art styles, and shapes to create an eclectic display. To maintain a clean and polished look conceal the cables by using a cable organizer or you can hide them behind the artwork.

To add a cozy ambiance to the space you can add some subtle lighting fixtures. Like picture lights or wall sconces. You can also hang DIY artwork, mementos, and personal photographs to make a functional and eye-catchy gallery wall. It is one of the best ideas for home decor and adds a stylish focal point to the room.

Create a gallery wall to blend the TV

2) Play With Asymmetry:

The famous designer Montana Labelle says that in her Toronto home, she opted for asymmetrical artwork on the top of her bed and also in the hallway to add visual interest and layers, and a sense of balance to the room. Use elements of different sizes, position, or shape instead of mirroring them. It creates a more captivating look and visual intrigue without feeling overwhelming.

For instance, in interior design, you can place a large piece of artwork on the wall one side and cluster small art pieces on the other wall side to create a sense of balance. It will make the overall design more eye captivating and unique. In order to avoid creating a chaotic or unbalanced appearance, it’s crucial to keep a sense of harmony and coherence.


3) Work With What You Have:

Garrett Hunter worked with the original floor plan and architectural details like exposed brick and ceiling beams in this midcentury Los Angeles home. He said he didn’t move the walls; the sole mission is to enhance the existing architecture.

Work with what you have

4) Use Black As A Backdrop:

Patrick Mele, the famous designer painted his living room walls black and make an ideal background for the art collection you can also burst color somewhere else in the room. It creates a more sophisticated and dramatic look.  Black as a backdrop can add a touch of timeless allure to any design and depth to the overall composition.

Use black as a backdrop

5) Bring The Outside In:

If you have an eye captivating and lovely views then flaunt them. 

For the Palm Beach estate, Lori Deeds of Kemble Interiors designed a custom banquette and seating area to take advantage of the garden views and nature.

Bring the outside in

6) Enhance The Natural Light:

Instead of closing off walls in a downtown apartment project, Bachman Brown created a library area with steel and glass enclosures.

Infuse your house with plenty of natural lights. You can keep windows unobstructed or incorporate light-enhancing accessories such as reflective surfaces or prisms in your home decor. Use light color curtains, in this way, you can improve the overall ambiance of the house.

Enhance the natural light

7) Mix Old And New:

To create an instant chic look then combine old-world antiques with sleek modern touches. According to the designer Michelle R. Smith, she contrasted a classic visor shelving unit with a vintage crystal chandelier. You have no idea how beautiful these old and new pieces look and make an eye stop there for a few minutes. These pairings create an eclectic and timeless style for your space.

Mix old and new

8) Select Statement Lighting:

Light fixtures are also known as the jewelry of the home. They bring the wow factor to the most calm spaces of the house.

Noguchi’s Akari lantern casts a warm glow and serves as a piece of sculpture that is light as air. This Vermont ski retreat has a cozy-yet-collective feel thanks to Alfredo Paredes’ integration of floating beauty.

Select statement lighting

9) Be Bold With Colors:

When decorating your home don’t hesitate to add bold hues. Introduce splashes of daring colors in your wall treatments, accent pieces, or furniture. bold colors can add depth and exciting energy to your space. But remember to balance bold colors with neutrals to create a visually stimulating environment. In this way, you can showcase your design flair and unique style.

Fenton and Darryl Pinckney in their Harlem townhouse feature bright, jewel-toned walls in shades of green, blue, yellow, and even purple.

Be bold with colors

10) Make Your Mantel A Masterpiece:

The designer of a Toronto home decided to replace the original mantel with a sculptural, eye-catching fireplace surround.

You can also transform the mantel into a captivating focal point by adding Decorative elements, stylish mirrors, cherished mementos, and art displays. Experiment with different colors, textures, and heights to add charm and style to your entire room.

Make Your Mantel a Masterpiece

11) Use Mirrors To Enhance Natural Light:

Gabriel Hendifar’s Manhattan apartment has a mirrored wall in the dining area, which helps to bounce natural light around the space, brightening it.

Mirrors are a great tool that amplifies light in your house. Place a mirror across from windows to reflect sunlight into the room and it brightens up every corner. It will make the room more spacious. Create a radiance atmosphere and add a touch of elegance to your home decor with the mirrors and enhance the overall beauty of your living spaces.

Use Mirrors To Enhance Natural Light

12) Pattern On The Pattern:

Never hesitate to mix prints and patterns. Ramsey Lyons combined different patterns in shades of pink for the upholstery on her sofa and chair and for the curtain fabric in her Pittsburgh sunroom.

Pattern on the pattern

13) Go For Broke With Bookshelves:

As an homage to British telephone booths, Carolina Vincenti painted the bookshelves in her Rome apartment bright red.

Style your bookshelves by mixing books with decorative items, artwork, and cherished trinkets. Turn your bookshelf into a statement piece and let your personality shine through!

Go For Broke With Bookshelves

14) Be Bold In Small Pieces:

If there’s a small space in the house and you want to make it eye catchy then graphic prints work well there. Sara Ruffin Costello in a New Orleans home, the star of the show is the Ellie Cashman floral wallpaper.

Be bold in small pieces

Wrap Up!

Incorporate these home decor ideas into your living space and transform your house into a stylish home that reflects who you are. Be a little creative and take inspiration from these professional designers and make a world of difference.

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