How to create a Facebook business page (easy steps)


As new social networks are arriving in the social media world, Facebook has gone down. But remember this platform has a total of 2.93 billion monthly users of which 79% of folks are active daily. It shows that it is one of the most used platforms all over the world.

If you’re worried and have no idea how to create a Facebook business page then relax. It is easy and free to create.

Facebook page is a door that connects you with numerous opportunities such as running Facebook ads and linking an Instagram shop.

So let’s dive into how to set up a Facebook business page in the right way so that you can successfully run on the path of success.

What is a Facebook business page?

It is a public profile on Facebook that is designed for commerce organizations. It helps businesses, organizations, and public figures to promote themselves. 

Customers connect with their favorite companies, brands, and creators with the help of the Facebook business page. And they can like or follow these pages to look at the photos, videos, and posts of these pages. To run a Facebook ad or Facebook shop you will need a Facebook business page.

Steps to create a Facebook business page:

Step 1: Create a Personal Facebook Account:

If you’re thinking that Facebook business pages are the same as Facebook profiles then you’re making a mistake here. A page administrator is responsible to manage the assets by a personal account. There can be multiple administrators of a Facebook business page.

If you don’t want to confuse work and personal life then it’s better to create a new Facebook account with the work email address or you can either use your personal Facebook account. ( Let me take your test. Do you remember last year’s tea party? If the answer is no, then create a separate account).

First, you have to login into your Facebook account and then create your Facebook page.

STEP 2: Enter Your Basic Information:

The second step is to fill in your business information. The three main things you need to create a FB business page are:

  • Name
  • Category and
  • Description

This is going to be your public name and the title of your business page. If there’s another similar name Facebook business page then add a description like Michelle’s Restaurant” instead of just using Michelle’s. Remember that description appears in the search result your characters should be a maximum of 255. 


For a category type a word that defines your business and fb will start suggesting you some options. Then choose that fits you the best. You have the option to choose up to 3 categories.


Write a short description of your business in this section. As it appears in the search results. It should be a maximum of 255 characters.

Once you’re done, Tap the create page button. Congratulations you have made a Facebook page.

Step 3: Complete your Facebook Business Page info:

You can also enter more information about your business like a phone number, business hours, website, etc.

You can also leave them blank because they are optional. But if you want to advertise your address or phone number then go for it.

Step 4: Add profile and cover photos:

Make sure the images you use are of high quality and brand-centric. It will attract and create a good visual impression on the audience.

In your profile photo, there should be a logo of your brand. Be creative and also add a background color to make it more attractive and stand out. Don’t add any essential detail at the corner of the image.

The most noticeable image on the page is your cover photo. Make sure that it conveys your brand personality and the product and services to your audience just at first glance.

  • Your profile photo should be 170px x 170 pixels and
  • Your cover image is 851px x 315 pixels.

Step 5: Add an action button:

Make sure that the action button is on the top of the page because it does the work of a call to action. 

You can link to your website, a landing page or offer, or to business-specific services, such as online ordering for restaurants and more.

Then click on the add action button.

Then choose a promotion: Link to a website or app, get people to contact you, or connect a specific action like buying tickets or booking an appointment.

Step 6: Optimize your Facebook page:

You can put a full stop to this point and can post content but these things are also important:

  • Connect business page with WhatsApp: If you want your customers to reach you directly instead of Facebook Messenger then it’s better to connect your business page to WhatsApp business.
  • Add your website: Add your website URL, and write a brief description of what your website does.
  • Add your hours and location:  In the About section, you can add the address and opening hours if you have a physical business location. 
  • Edit your page tabs:  Select the sections you would like to hide, such as Likes, Reviews, Music, Sports, and Books. You can do it from the page management dashboard, click on more, and then you can manage the sections.
  • Turn on reviews: Feature ratings and reviews will help you build a relationship of trust with the new visitors on your Facebook page. You should monitor reviews to ensure they are from real customers and not spammers trying to ruin your reputation when using this feature. Or if any customer is not satisfied with you then try to resolve and satisfy them for the success of your business. To turn on the reviews go to the under setting then click on privacy and then page and tagging.
  • Create a custom URL: A custom Facebook Page URL or username makes your Page seem more legitimate to customers in addition to being easier to link to. You can set it in the setting option, go to the general page settings then click Edit which is next to the username field.
  • Create a pinned post: This is optional, you can add an offer post that is exclusively for your FB page fans for example coupon. Or use the post to link out to the other offers, profiles, etc. It works well and is a perfect intro to your page and business.

Step 7: Create a post

Post eye catchy and great-quality content regularly, if you want to drive sales. The reason why people follow you is that they’re expecting quality content from you. So it’s essential to share informative, entertaining, and updates related to your business. One of the great tips to take your business to new heights of success is to respond to their messages and comments promptly.

Wrap up!

Grow your Facebook Page along with all your social media profiles. Plan and schedule content, boost posts, and improve performance.  Keep tracing your Facebook page performance through Facebook insights, and adopt the content strategy that fits best with your audience.

With these easy steps, you can easily create a Facebook business page that will skyrocket your business in this competitive digital landscape. Try it today!