6 Creative Ways to Display Your Houseplants

Interior Decoration

In this blog, you’ll learn about some amazing ideas for displaying your houseplants. As we all know houseplants are trending nowadays. So choose a houseplant according to your choice and the space.

Houseplants help to reduce stress and improve our overall health. houseplants freshen the air. It attaches you to nature which is very important in today’s life. So are you ready to turn your dull shelves into a striking statement?

So here are some ideas for interior decoration that will add extra beauty to your house. Have a look!

Some elegant ideas to display houseplants:

Let’s dive in to know about these 6 striking ideas to transform your interior.

  •  Display Them on Wooden Shelves:

Plants can totally change the look of shelves. Shelves are one of the great spots to display your houseplants. Use different shapes and varieties. So here we are telling you about some plants that look great on wooden shelves, grow in low light, and also low-maintenance plants. For example, birds nest snake plants, Golden Pothos, Cylindrical Snake Plant, Air Plants, Aloe vera, Maidenhair Fern, and many more. Or if you want to add a jungle touch to your house then display the plants like spider plants, potted pelargoniums, and cascading ferns on a wooden shelf.

Display Them on Wooden Shelves

  •  Play with shapes:

It’s important to display plants in a way that looks so eye catchy and stunning. Think carefully about how to show off your plants’ best side, especially from eye level like using some feature pots, varying the heights, adding plants with colorful leaves, and choosing different sizes. to make them more appealing. Display them in front of a plain background. Having a row of bulbous cacti, knobbly, on a mantelpiece, shelf, or console table at eye level adds a quirky touch. These are the best plants for interior decoration.

Play with shapes

  •  Create a hanging display:

If you’re in the search of adding some unique and fancy touch to your house then arrange some trailing plants and enhance the look. Display their delicate forms and plants by hanging them in lights or in front of windows or stairs. The most common and attractive plants for hanging are pothos plants, Bacopa, Begonia, Calibrachoa, Verbena, Lobelia, and Fuchsia.

To add some more dramatic effects frame them with a metal plant stand and wire grid. A hanging display is a great choice if you are short on space. Hang them from the ceiling or floating shelves to add a classy look.

Create a hanging display


Kokedamas are a Japanese creation and is also known as moss balls. In order to create them, roots are wrapped in wet compost, covered in moss, and tied together with string. Hang them high they look very eye catchy and attention-gaining. The best way to water kokedamas is to periodically soak them in water before hanging them up to dry. Keep it moist by spraying it with a mist bottle. It is very popular nowadays. It has a lot of benefits like it turns carbon dioxide into oxygen and also dissolves the chemicals in the air. Its lifespan is between 2-3 years. Some of the best places to display Kokedamas are on a plant stand, in a glass Terrarium, on a slab of stone, or wrapped with colorful rope or twine. The best plants for kokedama are peace lilies, pothos, philodendrons, ferns, and Norfolk Island pine.



You can create an amazing feature in any room by planting a living wall. Packed them closely in order to hide the mounting system. These walls grab everyone’s attention at first glance with their contrasting textures and dramatic colors. They need regular attention. The common and suitable plants for walls are wall shrubs and climbers. They are easy to maintain. You can also use DIY systems to plant a wall. The plants that require low light and less water are lichens, air plants, and mosses. They offer different shades of green and look so incredible. These dramatic walls are so trending nowadays and it is one of the best interior decoration.



If you want to transform your dull tabletop into a stunning artwork with a bunch of foliage plants. Any room can be transformed by repeating a single plant type in all its colorful variations. Search for some low-growing species with intricate leaf patterns like tradescantia, Fittonias, and ivies. Neutral and monochromatic containers highlight the varying leaf colors best. Arrange the plants according to your space. You can place it in squares, rings, and rows and enjoy the display.


Wrap up:

Consider these tips and creatively display your houseplants. These all interior decorations are amazing but choose them according to your taste and preferences. Enjoy your interior styling! Read here the ideas for decorating an outdoor porch.