How does Sports Physiotherapy help?

sports therapy

Are you struggling with muscle tension and pain? And want to recover faster? So you’re at the right place! In this blog, we are providing you with all the information about the benefits of sports therapy, the requirements of physiotherapy, and the conditions that can be treated using sports therapy but before that, first we have to know what sports therapy is!

Sports therapy:

Sports therapy deals with musculoskeletal-related injuries which are caused by exercise or sports and maximizes performance, speeding up the healing process, at any level and age.

Top 4 Benefits of Sports Physiotherapy:

More than 90% of people participate in sports and are very much interested in them and 11 million adults participate in sports yearly according to The Australian Department of Health.

There’s a misconception about physiotherapy, folks think you can only contact the physiotherapist when you’re injured. That’s wrong. It makes athletes more focused, functional, healthy, and fitter.

So the top 4 benefits of sports physiotherapy are:

Accelerates Recovery from Injury:

Physiotherapists use sports massage, ice therapy, and some other techniques to help repair muscles. Massage increases blood flow to the muscles and other tissues of the body. Plus, special rehab exercises increase the level of endorphins in the brain which help reduces stress and helps to block pain signals.

  •  Relaxes your body:

Sports physiotherapy plays a great role in relaxing your body. Athletes experience more stress due to overtraining and lack of rest so, this helps them recover from physical activity. Physiotherapists use many treatments like heat treatments, massage, and stretching techniques for relaxation, blood circulation, regaining energy, and reducing muscle stress. In this way, athletes recover faster and limit the risk of future injuries and an overall healthy body.

  •  Enhance Physical Strength:

Sports physiotherapy enhances physical strength. It Makes athletes strong, boosts energy, and speeds up the recovery process. Most athletes face stress on bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments. So physiotherapists use multiple techniques and treatments like strengthening exercises, massage, and stretching to enhance overall physical strength, and performance. And makes you fit for the upcoming challenges.

  •  Improves Muscle and Joint Flexibility:

Your level of flexibility matters in each and every sport you’re involved in. But not everyone has flexible muscles and joints. So an experienced sports therapist can help you in getting healthier, fitter, and more flexible by recommending some exercises such as stretching, jumping jacks, leg swings, push-ups, etc. These exercises reduce the risk of future injury and make you a great athlete.

  • Boosts Performance:

Daily physiotherapy plays a great role to boost the athlete’s performance. These daily routine exercises reduce muscle tension and increase oxygen supply in tissues. It increases the mobility, speed, and movement patterns, and corrects muscular imbalances of the athlete. Top players like Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James, and Saina Nehwal are world-class players who regularly do physiotherapy to keep themselves fit, strong, and flexible. It boosts fitness and motor control, strengthens your back muscles, and makes your joints flexible. It improves your overall performance. As a result, you will perform better.

Requirements of Sports Physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy has a major importance in the sports world. An athlete can get relief from acute and chronic injuries which happened due to strain or stress in joints, muscles, and lungs. So here we are enlisting the role of physiotherapy in sports.

  • Provides a better and more energetic lifestyle
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Maintains proper blood circulation
  • Controls blood pressure
  • Regulates proper heart function
  • Enhanced performance
  • Helps in the rehabilitation of athletes
  • Makes physically and mentally sharp
  • Relaxes the muscle stress
  • Improved muscle strength and coordination
  • Enhance the breathing rate
  • Increases flexibility
  • Disease free healthy life
  • Better time management skills
  • Faster recovery
  • Increase in positive habits and actions and overall health.

The 5 conditions that can be treated using sports therapy:

Here we are explaining 5 conditions that can be easily treated with sports therapy.

Stress Fracture:

  • This happens when muscles are not able to bear the pressure and resulting in fracture. It affects the lower feet and legs.

Muscle strain:

  • It is the most common sports injury that happens when muscles are overstretched. It affects the lower back, shoulder, calves, and groin.


Contusions are injuries caused by direct contact with the muscle. The faster the object hits, the more severe the injury.

Shin Splits

It is an overuse injury commonly found in runners. These affect the insides of the shin area or lower leg.

Lower Back pain:

It happens due to the fast jumping, twisting, and weight transfers. As a result in extension, rotation, and repeated flexion of the spine.

So, sports injuries can be treated quite successfully with physiotherapy and it is one of the most trusted forms of treatment.


So in the end, it’s fair to say that physiotherapy has numerous benefits in the long run. So we hope this blog will be beneficial for you.