How To Accessorize Your White Work Shirts To Go From Day To Night?

White Work Shirts

White is the formal color. Of course, no one can go wrong with wearing and styling white attire. Even the corporate world requires professionals to wear white clothes and pair them with something that looks graceful. 

It is fun to change your look while wearing the same color. However, some people prefer changing the style but they don’t know they can still play interestingly with white shirts. 

If you are in the office and are invited to the coolest party at night, you can turn a professional person into a party one. There are some easy tricks that can help you achieve the look. 

Well, the corporate world only requires you to stay professional but once you step outside the office, you can look like a diva. In this article, you will learn how you can make your white work shirts turn into something really fun and pretty. 

Let’s get started. 

Tips For Making Your White Work Shirts Look Amazing For Night Events 

  • Try on neutral bottoms 

White can go with any color. But when you are working professionally, it demands neutral colors. 

Pick out a neutral bottom from your closet. Make sure you choose a color that can look vibrant and classy at night events too. 

Basically, white shirts are a game-changer. You can rock any style with it but the only thing matters is the bottom. Hence, prefer the one that can go best with both cultures.

neutral bottoms

  • Layer with a beautiful slip dress 

Let’s leave the idea of looking trendy in your office. Of course, you have to follow the dress code. 

But what if you have an extra pair of clothes with you that can turn your plain white shirt into a crazy one? Yes, you can change and turn yourself into a party person. 

Slip dresses were popular in the 90s. They have made a comeback now and will continue to help you create crazy looks. If you want to make yourself look funky, then try out the new trend. You can also play with colors. Accessorize yourself with funkier yet stylish accessories that will add more glam to your look.

Layer with a beautiful slip dress

  • Pair with a midi skirt 

There is always a way of making yourself look pretty, formal, and stylish. This means you can try out trendy dresses, which don’t look off at all. 

Midi skirt is an option to try out. You can just figure out how to steal the show. Choose the style that can go perfectly in the daylight and be beautiful in the night. Even if you are invited to a party, it can look outclassed. 

Remember white work shirts look chic with trendy midi skirts.

Pair with a midi skirt 

  • Don’t forget to look classy with your denim 

Who can even forget to have their hands on denim? 

Denim with a white shirt – a classic look one can easily achieve. It never dates and you can pair it like crazy. Carry chunky jewelry and statement bags to make the look complete. Also, you can turn the simple look into a pretty perfect one by wearing colored heels. It gives the look an edge and you will look dreamy.

Don’t forget to look classy with your denim

  • Wide-leg trousers are must-have 

Do you lack definition in the look? 

Try out wide-leg trousers and you will notice a huge difference. This again looks different while giving definition at the waist.  

Being a female, your body needs clothes that make the shape covered yet beautiful. Hence, always get your hands on the clothes, which have a cut according to your body shape. It is not easy to find a specific type of fashion for yourself but of course, you need to search for such items. 

Have some wide-leg trousers in your wardrobe in beautiful colors.

Wide-leg trousers are must-have

  • Accessorize with statement jewelry 

Last but not least, have some chunky jewelry with you. It changes the look that you carry in the daylight. 

Turn your style into something unique yet crazy. If you are going to a fashion show or a formal event, don’t forget to add beautiful jewelry to your look. It looks beautiful and classy at the same time.

Accessorize with statement jewelry

Summing Up 

Fashion is all about styling. Even if you have tons of things to mix and match, you still need an aesthetic mind to get the look. And when you are in the office, you need game-changing ideas to make the look work even at night parties. So, all you need is the right things hoarded in the wardrobe. Follow these tips and turn yourself into a style statement.