How To Enjoy Summer Festival In UK On Budget?


Summer is in full bloom in the UK. People of all generations are ready to make the most out of the festivals that are lined up this season. However, the main concern is always the budget. 

Summer festival in the UK is one of the most happening events that happens almost every year. It allows people to enjoy every bit of the festival and make memories in the hot season. Although there are many other festivals that happen annually, some are expensive while the others require some thoughtful decisions. 

With a limited budget, one has to think of many other aspects before setting foot in the bandwagon. But, there is always a way out. 

In this blog, I will tell you how you can enjoy the festival while sticking to the budget. Let’s read on and save some fortune for yourself. 

Tips For Enjoying Summer Festival In UK On Budget

1. Get hold of the young people’s travel card

Traveling by train to the festival can be a bit costly for you. If you are under 30 or even traveling with your fun partner, you need to get hold of railcards. It is really important to have these cards with you to save some bucks. 

Great Western Railway advises to book your ride in advance to avail secure and cheapest fare. For instance, if you are travelling to The Mighty Hoopla, the best you can do is attach a railcard to your oyster card. This way, you can easily save off your TFL fare. 

2. Become a part of the festival to avail free tickets 

Volunteering is something that comes with several benefits. One of these benefits will take you to the event without spending a fortune. 

There are several festivals that are based on volunteering schemes for locals. These include The Mighty Hoopla, Glastonbury, Reading, and Leeds. With this scheme, one can easily get free tickets for the complete duration of the festivals. 

The scheme offers many opportunities like different shifts for jobs such as litter picking, security, first aid, welfare checking, and catering. Also, you can check for ticket packages for the duration, which lets them stay in the festival for the entire time. 

3. Say no to expensive merchandise 

You can definitely save big if you avoid expensive merchandise. 

In the summer festival in the UK, they have their own merchandise available. The prices also vary like the top headliner begin from £30 and beyond. Therefore, a pro tip for festival goers is to avoid and wait until the last day. Vendors are more likely to reduce their prices for clearing their stock. Hence, wait for the right time so that vendors can easily meet your expectations. 

4. Keep power bank with you 

When you are planning fun outdoors, always keep a power bank with you. It is a lifesaver when attending a summer festival in the UK. 

You can buy the best power bank from the reliable B2B marketplace. It will not cost you much while it can be a great lifetime investment. Also, you can share the resource with your friends and other people around. You can offer the use in exchange of something that can help you save some bucks. 

5. Take your own food and drinks 

Buying fancy food and drinks from these festivals can empty your pockets really soon. It is always advised to take some necessary food and drink items with you to avoid spending much. 

Since the catering cost is really high in such festivals, your little act of spending can cost you a lot. Take light food with you like protein bars, chips, biscuits, chocolates, porridge pots, water bottles, etc. These are the excellent options for restoring your energy for the festival. 

6. Split the money 

This tip applies to the people who are traveling in groups. 

Splitting money is always better than burdening one person. You can ask your companions or travel partner to share some bucks to lessen the burden on the single person. It will not only help you save a lot but everyone in the group can enjoy the event to the maximum. 

Final Thoughts

Festivals are one of the amazing events that give you a lifetime experience. You make memories and enjoy life like never before. But when you are limited on budget, you have to make some arrangements to avail everything. It is always better to listen to the expert’s advice to help you save big. Hence, the blog is for you. Have fun in the upcoming summer festivals by following these life saving tips.