9 outfit ideas on what to wear on Valentine’s Day

valentine's day outfit

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate love from platonic friendships to romantic relationships. Generally, folks think of this day as the most romantic day of the year. So celebrate this day with your loved ones in such a unique way that no one has done this before. Make it extra special with these incredible Valentine’s Day outfit ideas and enjoy the moments. This day is all about love and do keep it lovely.

9 incredible Valentine’s Day outfits:

1) For A Galentine’s Day Sleepover:

For a Galentine’s Day sleepover, prepare your rose and invite your girlfriend, or you can also go with the pretty pink mocktails. To create a comfy look wear silky and fancy pajamas with the comfy house slippers.

Opt for soft satin pink pajamas or a bright red. Don’t forget to take pictures and make unforgettable and lovely memories at Galentine’s Day sleepover. It is the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit for a sleepover.

For A Galentine’s Day Sleepover

2) For a romantic date:

If you’ve planned a romantic date night for Valentine’s Day then this outfit is going to be perfect for you. A red lipstick with a sexy all-black outfit can make you steal the spotlight in the whole crowd. You can wear a fitted black dress with strappy heels or if it’s chilly out there then another option is to pair a cropped black top with black dress pants and to complete the look wear a matching pair of heels. 

As there are numerous shades of red lipstick but if you’re in the mood of show-stopping then Stunna lip paint works wonders for you. You can throw a warm black wool coat and you’re ready to slay. Make your partner’s jaw drop in this outfit and make romantic memories with your special one on this day. Don’t think it is the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit.

For a romantic date

3) For Happy Hour:

If you haven’t planned a romantic day this Valentine’s Day then no need to worry about it. You can celebrate this with your work best friend and take out some time for the happy hour. If you have some friends that are near your office then call them and have some drinks to celebrate this day. You can celebrate this day with everyone including your work buddies, best friend, sister, aunt, and even with your parents. It is the day to show them some love and spend quality time with them. The perfect outfit for the happy hour is a long sleeve tee with a black blazer and you can pair it with a pair of tights. It will create a chic look and is perfect for afternoon drinks at a bar. It is also a work-appropriate outfit so you can also consider this for the office, not mandatory to only wear it on February 14th.

For Happy Hour

4)  For a colder Valentine’s Day:

If you live in a place where the weather is extra cold or it is snowing on this day then this outfit will elevate your look. It is also casual so you can wear it on any celebration on this day with your loved one. Throw a cropped turtleneck sweater and pair it with a maxi skirt. To maintain warmth you can wear thick tights and complete the look with calf-high boots. 

If you’re feeling festive then choose a bright coat and scarf and a beanie. Our recommendation is to choose from pink, red, and purple shades for outerwear. Layering is the best way to deal with the warm weather and especially when it’s Valentine’s Day. 

For a colder Valentine’s Day

5) For a movie date:

If you’ve planned a movie date night with the special one or want to spend time with a good friend on this day then put on a graphic tee and pair it with jeans, for footwear black boots will look perfect and you will feel more comfortable walking in. throw a classic leather jacket to create a more stylish look. This outfit makes you look chic and stylish on Valentine’s Day.

For a movie date

6) For date night at home:

If you do not want to go out on this day then a date night at home would be the perfect option, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up because you’re at home. Remember it is a special day, dress up in a way that makes your partner look at you without blinking eyes. Throw on an oversized cable knit sweater, tights, mini skirt, and comfiest socks.

But if you don’t want to dress up then wear your stretchiest flared leggings instead of walking out in pyjamas.

Don’t forget to light the Boy Smells candle, put on some Netflix, and enjoy this day at home.

For date night at home

7) For A Casual Dinner Date:

If you’ve planned a date night for Valentine’s Day and you want to become a show stopper then this outfit is just for you. Wear a bold red skirt with a cropped jacket and complete the look with stylish kitten heels. We recommend a cropped jacket because it will not hide your skirt and is perfect for dinner and after-dinner events.

Put a bright red nail paint to make your hands look beautiful and that compels your partner to touch them. Now you’re done with the perfect Valentine’s dinner date look. 

For A Casual Dinner Date

8) For A Galentine’s Day With The Family:

Valentine’s Day is a day of love and you can plan it with your girls. Share this day with the women who were always there in your hard times and who warm your heart. If you want to celebrate it with your family or other women, this Valentine’s Day outfit is a perfect option for you to slay.

We have added an element of fun to this outfit. Throw on a printed skirt ( leopard print or zebra print) and pair it with a denim jacket to create a balanced look.

Don’t forget to put on deep red or mauve lipstick to create a stylish yet balanced look.

If you’ve planned a mid-day brunch at your favorite restaurant then this outfit will make you steal the spotlight in the whole restaurant.

For A Galentine’s Day With The Family

9) For A Laid-Back Celebration With Friends:

If you want to create an edgy but also a laid-back look then this outfit is for you. If it’s a gathering at your friend’s home or a dinner together, this outfit will give you a stylish yet cool look. Our recommendation is to wear red corduroy pants. You have no idea how fashionable you will look in turn with lots of eyeballs towards you. Bold colours are also trending so you can wear them in the later months also. Give a try to the black beanie to complete the look.

For A Laid-Back Celebration With Friends

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

There are some of the questions we are getting in Dms regarding Valentine’s Day outfits.

Which type of hair and makeup looks good on Valentine’s Day?

You have to put a lil extra effort into your hair and makeup this day. You can try a sleek bun, it looks perfect on any outfit. Keep your makeup soft and glam that will complement your overall look.

What should I wear for Valentine’s Day?

The outfit that makes you feel good is perfect for this day. If you love to wear fancy dresses then go for it. If you’re comfortable in a festive sweater and a pair of jeans then wear it. As above I have mentioned a lot of options, choose it according to your plan.