The Most Expensive Movies : Budgets and Box Office Results

Expensive Movies

Everyone knows that to make movies, money is required. So in this blog, you’re going to know about the most expensive movies ever made. There’s no doubt that big blockbusters are the most costly movies, but the specific figures are sure to surprise you. Let’s dig down to know about the most expensive movies. These movies are the box office bombs. 

Eight Most Expensive Movies Ever:

Here’s the list of the eight most expensive movies that break the internet with their production budgets and box office results. Read along and we are sure you will be surprised.

1) Avengers: Endgame (Usd 350 Million, 2019)

Avengers: Endgame

The Avengers: End game movie earn $2.798 all over the world. This movie outperformed Infinity War in just eleven days and breaks several box office records and becomes the highest-earning movie from July 2019-march 2021. In just eleven days it breaks. Downey Junior earns USD 75 million through this movie.

2) Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (Usd 379 Million, 2011)

Pirates Of The Caribbean

This is one of the most expensive movies in the history. The movie with the background of the sea made it more costly. The actor in this movie (Johnny Depp) was paid around USD 55 million. This film had a production budget of around $410.6 million USD which makes it the most expensive movie of 2011.

3) Tangled ($260 Million, 2010)


This is the story of Rapunzel, who has magical hairs. This movie had a massive budget of around $260 million. This is the most expensive and famous animated movie ever. This is a movie with a unique story and remarkable visuals. This is why Tangled got high praise and success. It is the second-highest-earning film. At the box office, it’s a highly successful movie grossing 2722 crores worldwide. It is a highly cost movie because of the hand-drawn animation with computer animation.

4) Star Wars: The Last Jedi ( $300 Million, 2017):

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

It is a great movie with massive production and budget. It proved to be the most outstanding movie, especially regarding the portrayal of Luke Skywalker. This movie got a massive grossing of over $1 billion over the world. T USD. The total production budget for this movie is $200-317 million. There are a lot of fans of this movie who loves the creative storytelling of Rian Johnson. This movie earns money around 1.333 billion.

5) Fast X ( $340M, 2023):

Fast X

Fast x is one of the most expensive movies ever made. In this movie, Toretto is protecting his family and crew from the cipher. And the son of Hernan Reyes is trying to take revenge for his father’s death.

The estimated production budget for this movie is $340 million. This movie has a lot of action scenes that are practically done and a global location shooting. According to the agency Fast X” will gross $146 million to $186 million domestically. 

6) Beauty And The Beast (Usd 255 Million, 2017)

Beauty And The Beast

This movie is about a beautiful village girl Belle (Emma Watson) and there’s an arrogant prince who has cursed a beast until he finds his love. Then he gets rid of this curse due to Belle. This movie cost 1.3 billion worldwide only in theatres. The production budget of this movie was around $160–255 million. It is one of the biggest domestic box office launches in 2017. This movie has major success at the box office and grosses around $1.266 billion. Beauty and the Beast makes more money than expected. In short, it is the most successful movie of 2017.

7) The Lion King (2019) – $260m:

The Lion King

Lion King is one of the most expensive and beloved movies of folks. It is the highest-earning animated movie. It cost more than $260 million which means it is one of the most costly movies ever. The investment in this movie paid off. The star cast of this movie is James Earl Jones and Donald Glover and Beyonce. At the worldwide box office, it made around $986,193,783. Lion King is the highest-grossing movie.

8) The Dark Knight Rises (Usd 230 Million, 2012):

The Dark Knight Rises

There were a lot of high expectations from this movie. Christopher Nolan invested heavily in IMAX cameras and on-location shooting to give an authentic touch to this movie. It is one of the most costly movies of 2012 costing over 230 Million. At the box office, the dark knight rises has grossed over USD 1 billion over the world.


So these are the 8 most expensive movies ever made including the production budget and box office results. You might be surprised to know the production budgets of these movies but they are worth paying. We hope you enjoy this blog and also share your views regarding these movies. We love to read your comments.

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