The Top 5 Most Played Sports in the World: A Closer Look

Most Played Sports

Are you searching for the most demanded and played sports in the world? So here you will get a closer look at the top 5 most played, popular, and most watched sports in the world. Sport is a source of joy and entertainment for people. Most people watched sports for their favorite team, some to relieve stress, and some to relax. So which one are you?

Most Popular Sports In The World By Participation:

According to the current research, The most participated sports in the world are as follows:


Cricket is one of the most rising games all over the world. The ICC pointed out that 125 countries play this game worldwide. The majority of participants are from the UK, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, and India. Cricket is on the map of the world with 2.6 billion fans following. Women-dominated cricket has also been rising in recent years. But the most attention-seeking is male-dominated cricket. People of all ages from children to adults love this game. It brings people together from all walks of life.


It is the most played and popular game worldwide with 4 billion fans following. Let me tell you about this game it is played between two teams with a goal at either end. Each team tries to dribble the ball and score at the opposing goal. This game is on the top of the world map and is played by 270 million people ( mostly in Central America, Africa, and Europe). 3.5 billion fans watched the FIFA world cup in 2018. Not only this, every football tournament is followed globally on many social media platforms. As compared to female football, male football receives more attention and viewing figures. BUT female football is also not behind. In 2022 it breaks the record with massive viewers and attendance. So it means it is rising and exciting times are coming for women also.


Maybe it is surprising for you that Badminton is also one of the most played games in the world. But it is!

220 million people worldwide play this indoor game regularly. It is very popular in Asia with many best players. Folks of every age enjoy this game with heart. It is easy to play and makes you more flexible that’s why many people participate in this game. When you are a true sports fan then an extremely sunny day can’t stop you from watching or even playing the game.

How to play?

It is basically a racket sport played by opposing players ( either singles or doubles), standing on opposite sides with a net between them.


Ice and field hockey are the most favorite sports in the world with a 2 billion fan following. Ice hockey is the most participated game in Canada, the US, and northern Europe. It is not an easy but fun game for players and spectators. There are different variations in this game like field hockey which is played on grass or artificial turf fields). Roller hockey is played on roller skates, some play street hockey, played on concrete or asphalt). Hockey is favorite at the Olympic games

How to play?

Hockey is played by 11 players including midfielders, defenders, forward, and a goalkeeper. only the goalkeeper is allowed to use hands and feet and stick. So hockey is one of the most played games in the world.


 The origin of volleyball is in America. 998 million people participate in this game. Volleyball is played indoors and outdoors all over the world. There are 900 million fans all over the world. Volleyball is also one of the most attention-gaining games in the world and is mostly watched in South America, North, and Western Europe, Asia, and Australia. But it is not much watched on television. Male and female volleyball sports are gaining popularity at a rapid speed. People of all ages watch it with extreme interest. There are many renowned brands that support volleyball games such as  Dick’s Sporting Mikasa and Molton.

How to play?

It includes two teams standing against each other on a court with a net between them. Use your hand or arms to hit the ball over the net so that it goes into the opponent’s court.

Final thoughts:

So these are the top 5 most played sports in the world that continued to gain popularity in the coming years. People have many different opinions about what are the most popular sports. So share your opinions in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!