The Best Fashion Instagram Accounts To Follow For Inspiration

fashion instagram accounts

In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become the ultimate source of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Among these platforms, Instagram stands out as a treasure trove of style and creativity, where fashion influencers, bloggers, designers, and brands showcase their unique sense of fashion. 

Whether you’re seeking the latest fashion and trends, timeless classics, or eclectic styles, Instagram has it all. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best fashion Instagram accounts to follow for endless inspiration and style ideas. Have a look at these blogs and you will be in awe. These influencers have changed the fashion game completely and you can’t even doubt a little. 

Fashion Instagram Accounts One Should Really Follow

Here is the list you should be looking at:

1. @songofstyle: 

With her impeccable taste and effortlessly chic outfits, Aimee Song’s Instagram account is a must-follow for any fashion lover. Her feed features a blend of high-end designer pieces, statement accessories, and everyday essentials, all curated to perfection. Aimee’s travel adventures also offer a glimpse of fashion from around the world.


2. @manrepeller: 

Leandra Medine Cohen, the creative mind behind Man Repeller, offers a refreshing take on fashion with her bold, quirky, and rule-breaking style. Her account celebrates individuality and encourages her followers to embrace fashion that makes them feel confident and unique.


3. @chiaraferragni: 

Chiara Ferragni is a trailblazer in the fashion blogging world and a global style icon. Her Instagram account is a visual delight with glamorous red carpet looks, casual street style, and glimpses into her jet-set lifestyle. Follow Chiara for a dose of luxury fashion inspiration.


4. @mensweardog: 

If you’re a fashion enthusiast with a soft spot for furry companions, this account is tailor-made for you. Menswear Dog features a Shiba Inu named Bodhi, sporting impeccably styled menswear outfits that will leave you in awe.


5. @nikki_makeup: 

Fashion isn’t just about clothes; it’s also about makeup and beauty. Nikki Wolff, a renowned makeup artist, shares her incredible beauty creations on Instagram. From natural looks to avant-garde artistry, Nikki’s account is a treasure trove of makeup inspiration.


6. @weworewhat: 

Danielle Bernstein’s Instagram account, We Wore What, is a mix of street style, luxury fashion, and chic travel outfits. Her accessible and stylish looks resonate with a wide audience, making her an influential figure in the fashion industry.


7. @alexachung: 

A fashion designer, model, and style icon, Alexa Chung’s Instagram feed reflects her love for vintage fashion and contemporary design. Her eclectic style mixes retro charm with modern trends, making it a captivating account to follow.


8. @garypeppergirl: 

Nicole Warne’s Instagram account, Gary Pepper Girl, is an ethereal wonderland of fashion, travel, and art. Her stunning visuals transport followers to dreamy destinations, and her outfits exude elegance and sophistication.


9. @wethepeoplestyle: 

Jess Dempsey’s Instagram account, We The People Style, showcases elevated everyday fashion with a minimalist touch. Her feed offers chic outfit ideas that seamlessly transition from work to play.


10. @hannahbronfman: 

Hannah Bronfman is a DJ, entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast whose Instagram account is a fusion of fashion, beauty, and wellness. Her athletic-chic style and passion for health inspire followers to embrace a holistic approach to fashion and lifestyle.


11. @tezza: 

Tezza’s account is a creative canvas that combines fashion, photography, and travel. Her whimsical and bohemian style will transport you to a world of wanderlust and carefree fashion.


12. @pandorasykes: 

Pandora Sykes, a fashion journalist, and podcaster, curates a feed filled with elegant outfits and thought-provoking captions. Her account is a delightful blend of fashion expertise and witty commentary.



In the ever-evolving world of fashion, Instagram has emerged as an essential platform for style inspiration. These twelve fashion Instagram accounts present an array of unique and diverse styles that cater to various tastes and preferences. Whether you’re drawn to classic elegance, avant-garde looks, or effortless street style, there’s an influencer or blogger out there whose feed resonates with your fashion sensibilities. So, don’t hesitate to hit that follow button and open yourself up to a world of endless fashion inspiration. Happy scrolling!