The Best Horror Movies to Watch: From Classic Thrillers to Modern Masterpieces

Horror Movies to Watch

Dear reader are you looking for the most horror movies to watch that will make you goosebumps? We are thrilled that you’re here. In this blog, you will learn about some fantastic films that will scare you, shiver you, shock you and we are sure you will love this. It’s time to sit on the couch, turn off the lights, and get ready.

Top 7 Horror Movies to watch now:

Let’s dive in to know about these top seven horror movies. There is no doubt that these films, with their originality and excellence, will one day be considered classics by horror enthusiasts everywhere. And trust us you will recommend these movies to everyone.

  • ‘Barbarian’ (2022):

Barbarian is a 2022 American movie. The director of this movie is  Zach Cregger. This is a story of a young lady named Tess who reserved a house on rent that was double booked mistakenly by a strange man. Tess makes a decision to spend the night in that house. She realizes that there is something more to fear.

This movie has classic horror things like gore, jump scares, and terrifying charming performances by Justin Long and Campbell. Which makes the movie a super duper modern hit.


  • ‘His House’ (2020):

His House is a 2020 movie. The director of this movie is Remi Weekes. This movie shows the story of a young African couple. They are the refugees running with their daughter. Both are escaping from war-torn South Sudan. They start living in an English town and there was an evil waiting for them below the surface. His house shows the refugee crisis, and how they struggle for a safe and better place to live. It’s a story that makes the audience crazy with several spine-tingling jump scares.

His House

  • Relic (2020):

The Relic movie was released on 3rd July 2020. It is directed by Natalie Erika James. This shows the story of three generations of women. The mistress of the house Edna was missing, and her daughter and granddaughter start finding her. They both travel to the family’s decaying village home. And there they got to know that some bad spirit is controlling Edna’s mind. With the passing day, the behavior of Edna becomes unstable and that was fearing her daughter a lot.

Relic is an amazing movie with three distinct characters. These three show amazing acting and kept the audience engrossed for all the storylines.


  • Get Out (2017):

Get Out movie released on 24 February 2017. It is directed by Jordan Peele. A black man got to know something weird by meeting his girlfriend’s family. Chris travels with her girlfriend to spend some time with her family. Chris interprets the family’s accommodating behavior as an attempt to cope with their daughter’s interracial relationship, As the weekend was passing some very disturbing things happened that he was never expecting.

The Get Out movie is a horror and comedy thrill ride. Get Out is the fabulous work of Jordan Peele. A very different and creative story. This movie never bores you even watch it multiple times. It’s one of the best horror movies to watch.

Get Out

  • Midsommar’ (2019):

Midsommar is a 2019 horror classic movie directed by Ari Aster. There is no such movie like this. This movie shows the story of a couple (Dani and Christian) who travel to Sweden. They go to visit their friend’s small hometown to attend the midsummer festival. Pagan cult quickly turns the idyllic retreat into a violent and bizarre competition.

Midsommar movie is mostly shot in the daylight which calms you until the night scenes come. This movie shows the amazing performance of Florence Pugh and then she was known as the scream queen of the 21st century.


  • RAW (2017):

It is the 2017 movie, directed by Julia Ducournau. This is a story of a girl, who was a vegetarian and a first-year student, who gradually develops an appetite for human flesh after a hazing incident in college, forcing her to eat raw rabbit kidneys. To fit in she deviates from her norm and for the first time, she eats raw meat.

This movie makes watchers vomit and faint at its film festival. Prepare yourself for it. Maybe it causes you the same.

Raw horror movie


These are the six amazing horror movies to watch. We are sure that these movies will shake you, and scare you. Watch it alone with the lights off to double the taste. All these movies are very scary, watch them according to your fear. HAVE FUN!