The Rise of Esports: How Video Games are Changing the Game


New technologies are coming and opening opportunities for the game industry. Folks played online games for centuries but then new technologies and inventions take place and give birth to esports.

Maybe you have heard the name “Esports” but don’t know how rapidly it is rising. Folks are turning towards it because it is more accessible than the other sports.

So continue reading to know about esports and it’s rising all over the world.

What is esports?

Esports is also known as Egames. The term esports refers to video games used in competition. Esports are usually organized multiplayer video game competitions, especially among professional players, individuals, or teams.

Which Esports Video Games Are the Most Famous?

The ranking of the most famous games changes month to month. The highly-watched games on Twitch are League of Legends, dota 2, heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, counter-strike: global offensive, and many more. Among all of them, the most highly watched esports worldwide is League of Legends. The most famous esports genres are first-person shooter games, multiplayer online battle arenas, or real-time strategy.

History of Esports Video Games:

We need to thank south korea for the esports. In 1983 their government was eager to create an information society at a higher level. Then in 1990 successfully created the infrastructure to provide high-speed internet to South Korean citizens. But the service was costly for most of the houses. Then the South Korean government established community access centers in nearby places. These were for the public where they can easily surf the web for free.

Then in 1997, government close all community access centers and then PC bangs comes into being. In this gamers have to pay a fee for an hour for the computer terminal and a rapid internet connection.

The American game StarCraft was highly played in these PC bangs. Which was released by Blizzard Entertainment in 1998. It entertains South Koreans a lot they just don’t play the game but also love to watch the other competitive games

Then the PC bang owners start organizing competitions between the players and teams.

At the last of the year, the Korea Pro Gamer’s League come to arise. And in 2000 KeSPA ( Korean Esports Association) was created. And then in 2000, OnGameNet became the first broadcast channel for esports. Then Samsung, Korean Air, and Asiana starts sponsoring esports. This is how esports rises.

Esports Video Game in today’s world:

As we all know esports is growing rapidly. The esports industry is expected to develop at a 21.81% CAGR between 2022 and 2027. players can easily earn money in multiple ways like sponsorships, league salaries, ticket sales, and endorsements. Some folks attend through live gameplay on Twitch and some through high-profile events and some from multiple online platforms. Nowadays the most common esports games to compete each other are Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Overwatch.

Rise of esports in schools, colleges, and universities:

The National Association of Collegiate Esports, states that more than 170 U.S. colleges organized esports programs and offer $16 million in scholarships once a year.  Tespa( esports tournament organizer) said that the competition of esports attracts thousands of schools and players. And also awarded $3 million in tournament prizes.

Esports is rising in middle schools and high schools with high speed. Esports offers multiple advantages. This helps to build strong communities. Esports also offers scholarship opportunities. This is why most of the students participate in esports. Boise State University awarded $98,000 in scholarships last year, and they plan to raise that amount to $150,000 to support their Esports program. It is estimated that around $16 million dollars are for sports athletes.

A number of universities arrange esports video games programs and it keeps increasing day by day. Many universities spend millions of dollars on the esports field. According to the research, More than 270 universities have sports teams. With highly successful esports teams, universities are competing for name recognition and potential commercial opportunities.

For IT vendors esports provides multiple opportunities such as universities investing in esports teams will likely need equipment and services that facilitate content streaming.


We hope through this blog you got to know about esports video games, its history, and the rise of esports all over the world. It is highly growing in the education system from schools to universities. It offers endless opportunities and it will become more competitive with time. This is how Esports is changing the world. We hope you enjoyed this blog also drop your comments.