Trend Alert: The Rise of Japandi Style in Home Decor

Japandi style for home decor

If you want to create your own japandi interior then dear reader you’re at the right place. Do you know how fast the Japandi style trend is rising in home decor? Now you will see Japanese style in almost every house. So in this blog, you’re going to know what Japandi is. How you can fit it into your house and change the whole game with this Japandi style in home decor.

So hold your breath some juicy things coming your way soon.

What is Japandi?

Japandi is a mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian designs. It indicates the sign of simplicity, comfort, and happiness. The simple designs and the use of natural materials took the viewer’s heart away. This style looks so elegant and slays at home. Say thanks to a japandi style that doesn’t even affect our peace of mind and brings a new and fresh fusion to our interiors. Japandi is a combo of aesthetics that looks so functional and modern.

Japanese style focuses on organic shapes, simplicity, and culture whereas  Scandinavian design focuses on warm woods, contemporary craftsmanship, and a monochrome color palette.

Japandi for simple living lifestyles:

Scandinavian design means doing more with less without sacrificing the comfort. But the Japanese style means adding more natural and possibly sustainable materials for fitting and furniture.

A guide to joining the Japandi trend:

Let’s dig down to know about the fresh decor that Japandi reveals. Redecorate the house with us!

  • Japandi wallpaper and natural wood floorings:

Scandinavian and Japanese styles are natural woods and straight neat and clean lines. Wood floorings give a classic look and give a touch of warmth through a mat. It is the classic Japandi style.

But if you don’t want that natural texture any longer then put a carpet on the floor or tiled floor to make some changes.

For Japandi bathroom design, you can use white tiles from the walls to the floor. Or you can use the pale wood ceiling as well.

If you are thinking of making some changes to your walls then use white, off-white, neutral, and cream colors. If you want some texture then painted bricks, fabrics, or marble concrete are the best option for you. These are the incredible Japandi Style in Home Decor

  • Japandi color palette:

Japandi color includes muted tones and neutral colors like taupe, stone, oatmeal, and beige. So don’t use bright colors and anything that is fully white. Because Japandi means to create a calming atmosphere. You can also add some warmth to your house by adding natural fiber rugs, and woods of pale color. This will give such a luxurious look to your house.

So it means Japandi colors are not boring. You can also use shades like blue, green, pale pink, and grey. These are the soft Scandi colors.

Or if you want some darker colors like grey and black to add a touch of richness then go for it. Because these deeper colors are commonly used in Japanese interiors. So in this way, you can smartly add interest to minimalistic decoration.

Creating a calming atmosphere- Japandi accents to elevate your aesthetics:

If you want a calming atmosphere in your home then try Japanese and Scandi furniture. Shop from Etsy for smaller furnishings and accents such as vases, wall art, throws, and laundry baskets.

Add colors to your wall by adding large print frames. Add some handmade and unusual containers for your pot flowers and plants to give some aesthetic look.

Put some classic sashiko pillows, and throw cushions on the couch and bedroom. It will totally change the game. Sometimes small things make great changes. 

Blow two or more candles to feel comfortable and warm.

Create an atmosphere of warmth:

Earth tones are the defining aesthetic of Japandi. Add some popping color with natural textures. It will bring some warmth to your house. Add some plants like spider plants, ferns, and flowers to give a look at the garden in the house. Because greenery improves the viewer’s mood.


We hope you get to know about what is japandi and the trends, styles, and ideas of Japandi to change the look of your house. Japandi is on trending nowadays. It offers natural and neutral colors. So use these Japandi styles in home decor. You will see this in each and every house. It is a mixture of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian designs. Enjoy and share your thoughts also.