The Top 8 Movies of the Year: A Guide to the Best Films

Top 8 Movies of the Year

Are you a cinephile? Or searching for incredible movies then dear reader you’re at the right place. Folks watch movies to entertain themselves. Movies help to forget about problems and reduce stress. So in this blog, we are giving you a complete guide to the year’s best films. So grab the popcorn and get ready

List Of Top 8 Movies of the Year:

As there are a lot of great movies so it’s very difficult to list the top 8 movies of the year.

Nightmare Alley:

Nightmare Alley

It is one of the great, suspenseful thrillers with a dark mood directed by Gullermo del Toro. this movie is about a man struggling in new york city. Then he meets a couple who work at the carnival and they can see the future. This man learns some skills from this couple and uses these tricks to make money from wealthy people. He wants to make quick money and scam dangerous and powerful folk. This man seeks help from a mysterious psychologist which is the toughest challenge for him. This movie earns $37 million all over the world.

Parallel Mothers:

Parallel Mothers

This movie is directed by Pedro is one of the top 8 movies of the year 2021. This is a movie about two single mothers, giving birth in the hospital. One woman was a teenager and very scared while the other one was of middle age and satisfied. A strong bond build between them as they both are in the same situation. This movie grossed $24.9 million worldwide.



This movie is directed by Pablo Larrain. In this movie, Kristin Steward performs outclass as Princess Diana. This movie shows the struggles of the royal family and the pressure of having a rich and famous family. This movie grossed $ 24.9 million all over the world.

The Power Of The Dog:

The Power Of The Dog

The Power of the Dog is the most outstanding movie of 2021. This movie is directed by Jane Campion. Benedict Cumberbatch delivers an outstanding performance. This movie shows the story of two brothers. One was a herder with a cruel nature and the other one was very kind and gentle. And then one brother marries a beautiful widow and brings her home with her son. So the other one ridiculed her wife. In a nutshell, this movie shows the love and also the disappointments of a relationship. The power of the dog earns USD 563.44 million.

West Side Story:

West Side Story

It is the stunning movie of 2021 directed by Steven Spielberg. It is one of the top movies of the year 2021. This movie shows the new version of the classic musical. Folks who live the original taste will fall in love with this movie and maybe even more. The story of this movie is two youngsters from a gang who fall in love but the situation becomes very critical and complicated because of this. It is the most reviewed movie of the year and generates revenue of $36 million in just ticket sales.

Girl Picture:

Girl Picture

The girl picture is directed by Alli Haapasalo. This movie is about three young women trying to stop the constant darkness of winter in Finland. So in this whole process, they step into reality, dreams, relationships, and friendships. And try to figure out the whole mess. In a nutshell, this movie showed the emotions of teenagers without sacrificing the maturity of the narrative. This movie grossed $724 million all over the world.

No Bears:

No Bears

No Bears is one of the great movies of the year 2022. This movie is directed by Jafar Panahi. This movie shows two parallel love stories in which the partners are frustrated by the mechanics of power, obstacles, and the force of superstition. It is one of the most popular movies due to its stunning performances. At the box office, this movie grossed $1.1 million.

The Happening:

The Happening

The Happening movie is directed by Audrey Diwan. This movie shows the story of a girl named Anne. She is an intelligent student with a bright future ahead but when she becomes pregnant she decides to finish her studies and disappears along with the constraints of her social background. As her exams are coming near and her belly was growing faster. Anne decided to abort this, even if she faces shame and pain. Or even if she has to risk prison. This movie grossed $1,577,367 worldwide.


So here’s the list of the top 8 movies of the year. These are the most-reviewed movies with stunning performances. These all movies are worth watching. You will be amazed by watching these movies We hope you got some juicy nuggets from this blog.