The top UK seaside towns to visit this summer:

UK seaside towns to visit this summer

Are you tired and exhausted from summer? And in search of some fantastic seaside towns to soak up the heat. Then my friend you’re at the right place. In this blog, we’re sharing some of the best seaside towns in the UK that will blow up your heat away. The UK has plenty of beaches, restaurants, and sun sand.

So here are the amazing UK seaside towns that will freshen your mind. So grab your bucket and spade and enjoy the day out.

List of four splendid seaside towns of the UK:

Here’s the list of four seaside towns according to their popularity. Visit them according to your taste and convenience.

1) Hunstanton:

Hunstanton is found in Norfolk, England. Another name for Hunstanton is “Sunny Hunny”. It’s a fantastic place to visit in the summer.

Behind you can see the extraordinarily striated cliffs and wash in front. Hunstanton is a unique place where you can see both the sunset and sunrise.

What to do:

During summer you can hang out at the beach, make some sand castles, walk in the shallow water and also the gardening trail, and check out the largest shops and markets. Visit Hunstanton sea life center. Don’t miss out on the Old Hunstanton stone cottages and must refuel at Neptune. It is an amazing local pub. Have some lunch in the beach cafe. Enjoy the seaside amusement and fun fair. If you’re interested in cinema then see a show at the princess theatre. Watch the sunset. It’s an amazing view.

For extra fun: Be sure to follow the Norfolk coast path, the route from Hunstanton to sea palling will make you fade away in the dramatic natural beauty. So plan a trip and enjoy Hunstanton.


2) Blackpool:

Blackpool is found on the northwest coast of England. It is one of the most renowned seaside resorts. A wide group of people visit this place on holidays.

What to do: enjoy the 4D cinema, explore the bleach, and have some cocktails in the high-sky bar. Kids must visit Madame Tussauds Blackpool and an amusement park. If you want some fun then visit the circus. This circus shows some dazzling moves of acrobats and daring and risky stunts by clowns. You will really enjoy this. Must-Have a ride on five loop roller coaster that hangs over the water. Walk on the black pool tower for stunning views. Visit the sea-life Blackpool for amazing views of aquatic life.

For extra fun:

Blackpool’s annual illuminations display the greatest free light show so be sure to check it out. It’s worth watching it.


3) Scarborough:

Scarborough is one of the great UK seaside towns. It is located on the north sea coastline. It attracted many people after the discovery of spa waters.

What to do: You must visit Scarborough Castle for the amazing view and charm of the south Bays and North. From the grand hotel, you can watch the stunning views of Scarborough. It is the largest hotel in Europe. There are plenty of sandy beaches, parks, and gardens in Scarborough like south cliff gardens, Royal Albert, and Peasholm Park. so must visit these parks. Be sure to visit the Playdale farm park. It’s an amazing place for kids. There are many play areas and activities for feeding animals. if you’re interested to see the underwater world. Then visit the Sealife Scarborough.

For extra fun: Must visit Penguin Island, it is a unique island. You can walk through with the penguins in their homes. It is designed so that you can come much closer to them and say hello. 


4) Salcombe:

Salcombe can be found in the country of Devon, Southwest England. It is very famous because of the natural beaches, and coastal towns. This place is a magnet for the one who loves to visit the peaceful seaside. It is the most beautiful place in the whole region with a view of the harbor and pastel seafront from the majestic hills. There’s aquamarine water on one side of the beach, which is full of sailboats.  And on the other side, there are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and marine pubs. and even a distillery that allows you to make your own gin bottle. Most folks visit this beach in July and August.

For extra fun:

Must visit the paper bird island shop. This shop is full of creativity and promotes handmade brands. This shop sells Artwork, gift wraps, cards, children’s games, clothes, toys, and baby gifts as well.


Final thoughts:

Here’s the list of top UK seaside towns. Each and every town is unique. Make your summer cool and enjoy the charm and beauty of these places. Book your ride today and share your thoughts regarding these places and what you like the most. We love to hear from you!