UK Honeymoon Ideas and Tips to make it extra special


A honeymoon means making great memories with your loved one and everyone wants to make it special. So the Uk is a perfect place for honeymooners because of the jaw-dropping places. There is something for every honeymoon couple in the UK. So in this blog, I’m going to share some ideas and tips with you which will make your honeymoon so special and memorable. 

Top 7 UK honeymoon ideas and tips:

1) Walk to Lake District:

Many couples choose this destination for their honeymoon period.

For newlyweds, the Lake District is a popular mini-moon destination. It is in northwest England. Spend your whole day walking hand in hand across scafell pike and to England’s rooftop. Try rock climbing there, hiking up the mountain, boating on a lake, and taking a hot air balloon ride will truly blow your mind. and that is going to be a great experience in your life. There’s a lot for you in the lake district lake scenery, mountains, and forest amazed viewers. Make a great memory in the lake district. It is the most relaxing place for honeymooners. The lake scenery will refresh your mood and relaxes your mind.

Walk to Lake District

2) Enjoy the seaside in Cornwall:

This is is most popular place honeymooners love to visit. There are charming villages, dramatic cliffs, and stunning beaches. Luxury cottages are also available for couples who wish to spend time alone together.

 If you are a more adventurous couple then try surfing and skydiving also. With a hot cup of tea enjoy the view of the white sand beach and trust me you’ll never forget this view in your whole life. And Tintagel Castle should be on the top of your list. And don’t forget to take the castle ruins. Great pubs and dramatic clifftop sights are waiting for you.

3) Island scoping in Scotland:

Scotland is a country filled with natural beauty. If you’re a nature-loving couple and want to do something unique then experiencing Island scoping in Scotland should be your first priority. There is nothing like the wild beauty and rugged landscapes of Scotland’s islands. There are also ancient castles, fishing villages, and the eye catchy scenery. if you’re also interested in romantic activities then Scotland is hard to beat. If you want to spend time alone with a mirror-like lake and historic castles then this place is wonderful for you. You can try fresh and smoked seafood, and haggis there to add more joy to your honeymoon trip.

Island scoping in Scotland:

4) Ride the Jacobite Steam Train:

If you’re interested to see some most dramatic scenery then ride on the Jacobite steam train. You will be going to love this if you are a true fan of harry potter. you will get a ride from Fort William to Mallaig. It is the world’s most wonderful train ride. Make sure to take a ride for a unique experience. You will also get a cup of coffee/tea on a ride.

Jacobite Steam Train

5) Explore the Isle of Arran:

The nickname of the Isle of Arran is “Little Scotland”. My advice is to take a car across the ferry and explore the whole island and find a comfy pub to hug each other. And don’t forget to watch the sunset on the beach. There is a lot on the Isle of Arran to enjoy.

Isle of Arran

6) Escape to Glencoe:

If you love nature and want your honeymoon around nature and scenery then choose Glencoe. It’s a beautiful valley. It is the best option for mountain biking and hiking. Do some shopping in Luss for joy. 

And don’t forget to have dinner at the Drovers Inn. if you want to stay at a hotel then our recommendation is Ballachulish Hotel. It is a traditional and budget-friendly hotel and great for honeymooners.

Escape to Glencoe

7) Have a nature break in Killin:

This is one of the best ideas and tips that will make your honeymoon perfect. If you are planning to go somewhere which is quiet, calm, and in nature then Killin is for you. There are a lot of comfortable lodges and many of them are with hot tubs. Do some hiking in Ben Lawers Nature Reserve as well and watch out for squirrels there.

nature in Killin

Wrap up!

You go on a honeymoon only once in a lifetime, so you have to choose the places very wisely and according to your taste, we shared these eight UK Honeymoon Ideas and Tips to make it extra special. From a calm and quiet place to an adventurous one, you will find everything in this article. So pack your luggage, hold hands, and create cherished memories.